Monday, August 31, 2009

Today is Riding Skirt Day

In 1909 at Saratoga, New York, Mrs. Adolph Ladenburg introduced the split riding skirt
for horseback riding by women. Thank you, Mrs. Ladenburg!

"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."

-- J. K. Rowling

I may have to make me a bag or two...I've got a brown faux-suede dress that is wanting to be repurposed. I think this would be perfect!

If you're afraid of bugs, don't look at this. Genetically I must be a male, they don't scare me.

I was in college with her at UT. You know, in case you care.

Interview....let's flub it up!

So hard to read but great information to give someone who wants their cat to have "just one litter."

Clear up your sinuses with tongue tricks. I've got a tongue trick...

FREEBIES: Kashi sample.

YUMMY: This won't fly at my house but sounds good...Whole Wheat Pizza Dough for the grill.

CRAFTIES: Bath Bombs, Pattern ideas for my soon-to-be-here Grandson! Cute idea for patching jeans - my son wouldn't have appreciated it as much as he did the way I repaired the seat of his jeans. I'm thinking I should've done this across the butt! Cute monkey pattern and pretty fabric! Fun school bags....why wasn't I designing things like this when I was in school? I coulda been so cool. I just ordered this kit in a mint green....oh, what a beauty! I hope they ship out soon so I can get started on it for TGB (Tiny GrandBaby).

I love this "Vanishing Austin" poster. I've been in love with Austin since February of 1982.

Hook 'em - this Saturday!

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