Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is Beware of Rollercoasters Day

In 1999, romance model Fabio got hit in the face by a Canadian goose while riding a rollercoaster in a Williamsburg, Virginia, theme park. Fabio escaped with a bloody nose and three stitches. Sadly, the goose died.

What did I do all weekend? Besides laundry, iron, clean house...two projects!

I'd been wanting a new bag for work. Here it is ---- lighter colors than the black bag I carried all winter.
This is a rescue quilt that has seen better days. The flip side of the white had quite a bit of wear and has squares of blues. The white underside that still shoes has an ink spot (why?) and a small hole but otherwise in good condition. I used a king-size freecycle sheet and built it a new side that is much more appealing. I think it turned out wonderfully! If nothing else, it is a good blanket for stashing in your car. It is much happier knowing it has a second life.

She comes through again --- deal and rebates on Wii and DS games.

I love looking around at this Japanese shop for inspiration.

I cook see hubby croaking if I made this at the house.

Yummy and free!

Until next time...hook 'em!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today is the Birthday of the Urinal

Andrew Rankin patented the urinal in 1866. Trivia piece for you.

Bath & Body Works 5 for $15 anti-bacterial soap....we love the foaming. Yankee Candle...all on sale and buy two, get one free. These are few of my favorite things....da da da da.....

How fast do you want to swim?

Sounds like an interesting book! I love the Michener books so this might be right up my alley.
"As the former head of Fourth Estate books, Christopher Potter published blockbuster science titles like Dava Sobel’s Longitude. For his own, elegant debut, Potter set out to write a history of the universe. And if that project sounds ambitious to you, imagine pulling it off in less than 300 pages.

Like the Powers of Ten postcard books you sometimes find in museum gift shops, Potter’s book, You Are Here, begins with impossibly small things (like quarks and electrons), ends with incomprehensibly large ones (stars, galaxies, and the universe itself), and considers string theory, general relativity, and the paradoxes of quantum mechanics along the way. Potter has a knack for rattling off the latest scientific facts without eliding the deeper questions they raise, and he ends up with the mother of them all: Why is there something rather than nothing? That, Potter admits, is a cosmic mystery that science may never solve."

Be careful how hot you drink your tea or coffee. Just a lil PSA for you.

I love this idea. Anyone who knows me realizes I'm not a dog lover but she sure looks comfy.

Until next time....hook 'em!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today is Good Fences Day

On the birthday of Robert Frost, celebrate the fact that good fences make good neighbors. Do something nice for your neighbors today. Frost, one of the great American poets, was born on March 26, 1874, at San Francisco, California.

"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up."

-- Robert Frost

Free stuff on your birthday!

My spouse sucks down a generic form of Claritin on a daily basis - check out this deal!

Three free scoops at Friendly's! Yum! Wish there was one here. Lucky Brand Jeans 40% off and UnderArm Deals!

Two minutes of fame and you blow it!

WHY? OH, WHY?: Man Doll?, Creepy Prom Idea?

Did you know this?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today is National Pecan Day

Who doesn't like free? Attune bar and Sammie.

Cool door ~ coulda used this in our previous house.Reminds me of you have your Babushka? I may have a lead on some peroghis :-)

Looking for bras/panties? Check out the deal talked about over at Want Not. I love her!

I'm leaving the desk early today so that's all I got.

Until next time...hook 'em!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today is National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

My son's girlfriend is a huge animal lover and has been chastising him that I buy eggs that aren't cage free. He teases her saying that he believes all things should live cage-free and that he is going to write to the company that makes his deodorant. He spouts, "It is all packaged up in a cage and then it gets twisted....squeezed through holes in the top..." Yeah, we all laugh but here is testimony to how they're healthier for you.
I often think life is too fast, too incredible, too much! I often wish for slower times. The way this guy explains it is hilarious!

The WHY, OH WHY of today: a need to take a pic?,

I like these.

Until then...hook 'em.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Up who make/have babies become president!

Japanese Pizza....makes me hungry!
Cute idea and the pattern, too!

in my county?

Is there anyone out there wanting to listen to the Nixon tapes?

Dry soda

Garage Saling ---- got me a few good finds!
$2 brand new, sorry game in a wooden box --- GrandBaby will love - he always wants to do family game night.
I also bought two, old, collapsible, wood tape measures. One is dated 1913 and is different than any I've seen in the way it unhinges. The other has a tag stating: Made in Poland.
Another bargain was a tan tablecloth that is edged in white flowers - 100% cotton.
The best thing about saling this past Saturday was: I WAS ALONE! I haven't saled alone in quite some time.

My daughter has set her wedding date! June 20th...all the festivities are held at my house. I guess I looked bored one too many times.Perhaps I will never understand the concept of a pillow not being for one's head during rest.

I truly believe Austin has it all!

Have a Ben & Jerry's near you? They love us fatgirls! Check out the special for tomorrow the 24th! If you prefer Arby's, they also have a special or two.

I think I'm going to start a WHY? OH WHY? and start with these: How much time do you have on your hands?, Hello?, Interior Design, Juice Carton Coin Purse?, More your taste?, Didn't see it coming?, I'm not a kitty, I swear I'm a cookie jar.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wanna see some cool pics from around the world? Be sure and click through to the next page! I chose the fire picture not just because it is so cool but also this is the first day of Spring...if you lived in Texas you'd understand that means we shall soon feel like we're on fire.

You can probably find a better list than this on the web ~ I've always loved knowing when the best time to buy something.

I've always wondered about this happening!

A good reason why I don't karaoke! You oughta see my seester sing "These Boots Are Made For Walking" across the tops of the tables.

Enjoy your weekend! Until next time....hook 'em!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hungry already and it it's only 8 a.m. I guess I need to go upstairs and grab my yogurt. These cookies look yum.

I love the look of this crochet. Here's the pattern.

I want to buy this quilt book for my dear MIL. And this would be a fun read for any of us who "rescue" linens from garage sales or thrift stores.

Yesterday I talked about the IDofJeanie series they featured on Amazon...boy I wish I'd bought those. Today they have the AhLaLucy series and I just can't pass it up! 65% off...OMG! What's a girl with a credit card to do?

AE has their shorts buy one, get one 50% off.

Enjoy the last day of winter! Until next time...hook 'em!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three new Seventh Generation Products.

Beautiful fabric and a giveaway!

Check out this cool shepherding video! Simply amazing.

Possessed - a 20-minute video about hoarding. I think I'm fascinated by hoarding because:
1) I'm a Virgo which means that when I get interested in something, I collect anything that even mentions the subject.
2) Being a Virgo I also abhor clutter or mess and the above obsession contradicts my desire for perfection. They are opposing extremes that I fight daily.

What I need! Fatgirl has been hitting the gym daily!

I wonder how many of these my SIL Kay would need!?

Cool workout stuff.

An apron a week!

I LOVE WiseBreads deals!

Until next time....hook 'em!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's start off with the brush & rinse know you want one.

Scratch and Sniff wallpaper ~ I can just imagine what my brothers would create. Ewww!

I love this guy's photography:
Lace tape and other cool tapes. has the I Dream of Jeanie series featured in their gold box today. I would LOVE to have this and thought of a few others: Columbo and Bewitched. What fun to stay home "sick" and watch these all day! has the top 50 books, 50% off today.

Are you able to envision the next shot for this photographer?

It's all fun and games and until someone puts an eye out.

Fond memories of these.

I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patty's Day, cheers!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this not hilarious?
I remember my cousin, Ruthie, dressing up her kitty and pushing him around in a doll stroller. I wonder if cats have their own set of curse words!?!? has a $5 tee shirt sale going on....I'm just saying.

These look like sumpin' cuzzy can make and enjoy.

If you're reading this and don't know me then tomorrow just look for the girl lady female in Austin, Texas wearing this tee shirt:

Is there some sort of "Clean Out Your Closets In March" contest? A lot of the blogs I read talk about cleaning out their closet. Just wondering if this is the year that I should think about it. Imagine the projects I'd unearth if I tackled closets. No wonder I avoid that like the plague. Keep those projects buried, I have enough to do and what will my relatives have to pick through when I die if I clean those out?

I love this stairwell...reminds me of a comfy, '70 afghan.

Why, oh why!? Cuz I can laugh all I want.

Until next time...hook 'em!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks to coworker, Michael, I found this hilarious website! They even have a top 123 things post. You've got to check it out. Stuff White People like: bangs, Whole Foods, sushi, marijuana (hmm, is this a white thing Ricky Williams?), having two last names (as opposed to a jacked up first name?), art degress, and oh the list goes on! This is gut busting for me. I need to compose myself at work.

Speaking of beer/wine specials, Central Market has a great special going on. Drop by there if you have one near you. I'm heading there today. They also have $1/stem roses on Tuesdays and I love fresh flowers. I'll be treating myself regularly if the brain kicks in on Tuesdays and I actually remember to go over there. Lucky for me I can walk there from work. Lunch hour will never be the same. Flowers and beer ~ I can pretend it is the 70's and maybe lie on a picnic blanket. Perhaps once the monsoon stops.

Besides my addiction to Cops and Judge Judy, I'm also addicted to reading Passive Aggressive Notes. I don't know what a shrink would say about my interests but it seems I have a pattern going here. If Jerry Springer were real I would enjoy that I'm sure. Not a big dose but a now and again, hair-pulling episode just for fun.

Have you ever feared this happening to you?

Fatgirl is down 2.5 pounds! My goal was to lose 2 pounds a week but that hasn't happened. Today I switched my morning yogurt brand - yoplait is a whopping 170 calories and you can certainly taste every calorie! I switched to Dannon Light and Fit which is less yogurt and only 60 calories. I mix in quite a few spoonfuls of granola and voila! on your way to yum! Once the last grips of winter disappear from the area I plan on starting a swim program in addition to the eliptical machine. That should trim up the rest of the ol' bod and exercise the rest of my body besides my just legs and heart. I'm going to have Will show me how to use the rest of the equipment at the rec center so I can have choices. Still debating on a trainer ~ thinking that will be my "reward" if I get down to my (first) goal weight.

I plan on making this Tilapia recipe. They have tilapia on sale at HEB for $2.99/lb and I've been trying to up my fish intake. Yum!

Check out this beautiful shawl! The new knitty issue is up!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interesting Stuff in BlogLand

I've been wanting to redo my kitchen for years now but haven't quite figured out what I want so living with what I've got. I found this backsplash that I thought was interesting/different:

And, oh how I love these adorable silhouettes!

And a book to add to the reading list:

Nobody Said Not To Go - Biography of Emily Hahn. What an amazing story, first woman to get a degree in mining engineering in the 20's, traveled the Congo alone, became an opium addict, lived in Japanese occupied Hong Kong, married a top English spy & wrote for the New Yorker into her 80's.

And I thought these jeans were cool: Curvy Fit
My daughter is always complaining about fitting the hips vs fitting the waist. Guess I don't care because I've never noticed. I'm just happy in my jeans no matter the fit.

Weather update:
Weather for Austin, TX
Current: Overcast
Wind: S at 2 mph
Humidity: 81%
Partly Sunny
79°F | 63°F
65°F | 43°F
45°F | 43°F
Chance of Rain
50°F | 41°F

45 on Thursday? Guess I was premature in swapping summer for winter clothing. Luckily they're only one room over.

This embroidery bunny reminded me of my cousin....and then it reminded me that I need to pull out my St. Patrick's Day Goodies and have the Easter stuff ready to put out.

An expanding file folder made from placemats? I'm not a placemat kind of girl. Well, I could be but living with two slobs men - there is not enough room for them in my life. An expanding file folder is cool - and maybe it'd be cool made from placemats. Uh, just maybe. I can imagine the look on people's faces when they open these on Christmas day! Did you make these for me?

And if you just gotta make something:

which offers a tutorial.

To my home, I added a blue/white and green/yellow budgie:

and a beautiful cockatiel:

Mr. Cockatiel has quite a vocabulary already. He wolf whistles, says "Uh Oh" when you move his cage, imitates a siren and squacks when you have CNN on too early in the morning. Will is playing the Andy Griffith theme song for him on iTube so maybe he'll learn that! The budgies came from a home with 6 children and there used to be 3 in the cage. The family has taken in a cat for a friend and the cat chased them until one bird ran into the wall killing himself. I was the lucky recipient of the remaining two and then someone offered me the cockatiel and I jumped at the chance. The budgies are very skiddish but have relaxed a little around us. I hope to get them to trust me at some point. Mr. Cockatiel is not timid but he's not hand friendly either. We'll be working on that soon. My brothers will be here in June and they're both bird friends so stuck in the cage won't be an option at that point. I hope to have them a little more used to me by then.

Oh, and look what I bought yesterday! I have been pining after a digital camcorder for a while now and the price was right yesterday!

Just for the record, fatgirl has been working out! At work I have been doing yoga and pilates with a coworker who twisted my arm. I love it! I didn't think either would be my style nor do any good. At the same time, I joined the new/improved Georgetown Rec Center because they added a bunch of machines and an indoor pool. I adore anything water related and an indoor pool....heaven on earth since I can use it year round. I tried going in once when it was still cold out ~ didn't work. Once the temps outside are hotter than hades I will enjoy the water and ease into the winter swimming. Right now I'm lifting some weights and using the Precor eliptical machine. First time I was dying at 5 minutes. Second time I was thrilled with 10 minutes. Then I was talking with another coworker who said the first 10 are killer but get passed that and you're home free. So I got to 20 minutes and she was right. I tried pushing for more after that to no affect. Here's the blonde moment: I'm at the gym yesterday and I'm looking around at the other girl's machines and I see that they have the crossramp set at 4. Uh, mine is on 10. If this helps make me look any smarter, I did have resistance at 1 (only because it won't go into the negatives). I knocked that baby down to 4 and went for 40 minutes! It is amazing what you can do with a little grey matter. Will tells me that once I add swimming into the mix then I'll really trim down. I am also tracking what I eat and how much I exercise through the Lose It! iPhone Application. I didn't realize (as I'm sure most people don't) how many calories I was consuming in a day. Exactly why can't I eat three big meals and a bag of those "mini" Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and still lose weight? Oink! It really makes you stop and think because you plug in your weight (gasp!) and your weight goal (dream world) and then how much you want to lose each week. I went for the measly 2 pounds per week. When you add in exercise it subtracts from your calorie intake. When I was on the eliptical machine yesterday all I could think about was how hard I was having to work off those two (honest!) mini eggs. I have a gift from a coworker staring at me - thou shalt not eat the chocolate/almond bar! I won't even break up the bar and finger lick the slivers off the wrapper. Two hundred more leg strokes for that - no thanks! BTW - I'm already down a pants size and 1.5 pounds. No food celebrations, sorry.

I guess that is enough for today. I didn't realize I'd have that much to post!