Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aspray? How about a shower instead?

YUMMY: Check out this cornbread recipe and all the other good food :-) 65 days of triple digit heat here in central TX, I need to grow okra.

FREEBIES: Free tee shirt,

BARGAIN: Southern Living currently has a $5/year subscription. I loved this magazine years ago.

CRAFTIES: Stitch Wars, Update on my crocheting project - I'm about a third of the way through the wool afghan and with the help of Mr. 9yo grandson, all of the yarn is wound into cakes. Phew...thought I'd never get it all wound. Once I get the afghan completed, this will free up a bin that sits in my home office. I plan on throwing it through a hot water cycle and fulling it somewhat so I have made it wider than normal and will make it extra long. Should be softer after that, too. It'll be pretty. I get about 2 rows completed every evening -- this is a treat for me after I've worked out and done a chore from the list. Judge (our cockatiel) sits on R- next to me and he likes to crawl around on my work and nibble at the yarn. I'm sure he smells the lanolin.
I want this blouse in adult size, please?! I love these bags - I may need to make me one or two.

A&E now has a Hoarders show....I might have to watch this on hulu....not sure why I am interested in this issue.

Coop ideas....what fun! I could tell you a funny story about the name of this shop... Moo and Ju's studio.... I love this appetizer idea... Fun post-its...

Soon football season will be upon us...just like the eyes of Texas are upon you....hook 'em!

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