Friday, May 1, 2009

That today is the beginning of National Senior Travel Month

This celebratory month combines the spirit of Older Americans Month with National Tourism Week (first full week in May). Get out and travel no matter how old or young you might

"When you grow up and you're different, all you want to do is find a way to be the same. And then as a more mature adult you realize the beauty of thinking on your own."

-- Sarah Jessica Parker

What is more apropos than this pic when you're from the Great State that is swimming in pig infections? Cute? Not so much. I love this 1976 Swine Flu flashback.

Is it really May already? My life is going by so fast...

FREEBIES/COUPONS: $1.50 Kashi Waffle Coupon, Books, Best Time to Buy, Free Seattle's Best Coffee at Borders coupon, Free Business Cards and Resumes at Staples, Drink sample, Dove Samples and Coups,

INTERESTING: White House shots, Plastic bag lights, black houses, Restless Chairacter, Space experiments

FUNNY: Food'lebrities, Design Failures, Food songs

YUM: Pies

CRAFTIES: Mollie Flowers, Hammered Flower, How-To Alter Patterns, Tutorials for Boys, Smocking/Shirring, A New Artists Shop

LOVE: Them Babies, Organic Food and where YOU can buy, Beary/Chairy

MEMORIES: My GMa passed away when I was 9 so no telling how old I was when this memory was created....this reminded of it ~ birds would commit suicide every time my GMa washed her large living room window by trying to fly into it.

Enjoy the weekend and hook 'em!

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