Friday, May 22, 2009

Today is Music Manuscript Day

At a 1987 Sotheby's auction in London, an autographed manuscript of nine symphonies by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sold for $3.854 million, the most ever paid for a music manuscript. Way to go, Mozart! ;-)

"You have to start by changing the story you tell yourself about getting older... The minute you say to yourself, 'Time is everything, and I'm going to make sure that time is used the way I dream it should be used,' then you've got a whole different story."

-- Diane Sawyer
BARGAINS: AE Shorts and Swim - Buy 1, get one 50% off, 600-count queen sheets for $38, save on travel

SCIENCE FUN: Think and Roll, Skin and tobacco

FUN STUFF: Love this dress, and this bag

TRAVEL ONLINE: Rio de Janeiro

FREEBIES: Tee, ForceFlex Trash Bags

RECIPES: Rhubarb soda - maybe that is really a link to a taste of heaven

For the Do-It-Yourself type - be sure and read the reviews. Hardy har har.

All the hubaloo about the credit cards being reined in....did you know that they can no longer:
Late fees cannot be assess late fee if the issuer delayed crediting the payment? Excuse me?

This has a ring of truth to it.

I love witch hazel - it helped me overcome bikini razor burn. Little did I know it does all this.

FOR THE CRAFTIES: Hulahoop, Paper lanterns, how to save your patterns, Knit purse pattern, car trash bag, tags, I would so make this and this if there were a little girl in my life, I would love one or more of these to decorate my kankle ankle.

All I got for today....if you have Monday off, enjoy. If not you can work along side me.

Hook 'em!

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