Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is Tell a Story Day

Take time today to tell a story to a friend, loved one, or child today. Or tell a joke, write a novel, or make a tape.

"It is the responsibility of every adult to make sure that children hear what we have learned from the lessons of life and to hear over and over that we love them."

-- Marian W. Edelman

Oh, I could hear the comments my siblings would make if I ever had to use this...

FREE PATTERNS: Spring bags, Bridal shower, Knitting mag.

YUM: Gruyere-Stuffed Crusty Loaves, Austin known for gluten-free goods.

FREEBIES: Today only - Kentucky Grilled Chicken at KFC,

WHY? OH, WHY?: Crochet, Chair Blinders.

Yes, short'n sweet...hook 'em!

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