Friday, April 10, 2009

Today is the birthday of Arbor Day

The first Arbor Day was held in Nebraska in 1872. It was founded by J. Sterling Morton, secretary of the Nebraska Territory, to encourage people to plant more trees. Plant a tree today and
another on National Arbor Day! "We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but
never stop reaching heavenward."

-- Everett Mamor

I love skirts or dresses during the hellacious summers here in Austin.
Freebie skirt pattern: 5-minute skirt, circle skirt, 30-minute one-seam skirt, maternity skirt for DD, a now that I'm thinner, show off them curves skirt. There are many more and all compliments of Sew, Mama, Sew! She's a great source of inspiration so look around her site. Here is a link for making a skirt out of tired jeans.

If you buy from Land's End they're having a "free shipping + 25% off swimwear" through Sunday. I need a new suit or two for the summer but I'm going to hold out to see what size I end up by June when I also need to aquire a "Mother-of-the-Bride" dress. I've been pondering what style I want for this glorious occasion.

My unreliable brother did not come through for me on the shipment of perogis. I'm sad. Speaking of yummy. Breakfast yum, keep you regular yum, interesting yum? Thai Masaman Curry yum. Chili I'd like and family would hate. Scroll down for Puffer Cake recipe. How about Easter Rice Pie? or Easter Pizza Gaina: here and here - the 2nd link looks yummiest to me.

Adorable Easter carrot pattern. If you're thinking of crafting check this out - hilarious!

Fun get to draw lines to bounce the balls. Cool site to speed through 5 areas of Italy to see a 24-hour stretch in flash-based photo-and-audio. Another neat site, if you have an interest in old news.

WHY? OH, WHY? People are so strange.

Tis all....hook 'em!

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