Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today is I've Got the Blues Day

Celebrate the birthday of Billie Holiday by singing the blues. Happy birthday, Billie! "Somebody once said we never know what is enough until we know what's more than enough."

-- Billie HolidayOne of my favorite flowers....for your viewing pleasure.

Free orange julius! Free Grand Slamwich tomorrow. Free photo card for Mom...or whomever.

Anything marked new arrival at Old Navy is 30% off!

Fun idea! I would love to find the time to make myself a skirt.

I love this small bathroom idea and this rug! Oh Calgon! Shoe idea...and a recycled towel or tee bath mat. Spring cleaning list ~ for those of us who love crossing things off.

Easter wine...yum! Oh, a recipe for beignets! They say NY, I say NO. Have they never been to New Orleans and had their beignets?

WHY? OH WHY? Itch? Sex Ed/Art class? Tell me this style is not coming back!

I don't know why I'm fascinated by folk art. Perhaps it reminds me of the things my grandmother collected. For knitters, I find this entertaining.

I was tied to win the "donation pot" for the bracket....sadly, I didn't win since NC won.

For my GBOTW (GrandBaby on the way) I have to make these! Free pattern for Ravelry members. If it's a girl, I should also make these. This is a must have - I love the commercially made one I have by my machine. Sewing for Betty Crocker types...check out the ruffle apron. Before I sew for me, I need to do this. With my ever-changing, weight losing body - nothing is permanently affixed.

How about this to wrap your sandwich? Personally, I'm not a sandwich kinda gal - too many days at St. Joe's took care of that.

Vacation deals! Recipes for body scrubs. A great way to find the cheapest cyber price!

24 years of NYC posters collected!

Until next time...hook 'em!

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