Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today is Firehouse Pole Day

In 1878, the city of New York installed the first firehouse pole. Firefighters at Engine Company 21 in Chicago, Illinois, were unloading hay for the horses that pulled their fire engines. When the bell rang, firefighter George Reid was up in the hayloft on the third floor. Rather than run all the way down, Reid decided to slide down the pole that was used to secure the hay to the wagon.

CLEANING: How to clean your sewing machine, spring clean your sewing room,

YUMMY: A twist on banana bread favorite, Yum that looks like this

Fun to watch.

I must be partially schizophrenic, partially drunk or partially high because I can see rhe concave face as convex when it gets near the end of its spin. See the video here. My favorite bench Monday picture. Fun stuff!

FREEBIES: Ben & Jerry's free scoop, Super Duper Diaper Doo (third item down), Vintage wrap-skirt pattern, knit button-tab hat pattern, Tulle Skirt pattern

BARGAINS: I so love this, would love a bag like this, if you're a stamper - clearance sale!

That's all I've got...hook 'em!

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