Monday, March 23, 2009

Up who make/have babies become president!

Japanese Pizza....makes me hungry!
Cute idea and the pattern, too!

in my county?

Is there anyone out there wanting to listen to the Nixon tapes?

Dry soda

Garage Saling ---- got me a few good finds!
$2 brand new, sorry game in a wooden box --- GrandBaby will love - he always wants to do family game night.
I also bought two, old, collapsible, wood tape measures. One is dated 1913 and is different than any I've seen in the way it unhinges. The other has a tag stating: Made in Poland.
Another bargain was a tan tablecloth that is edged in white flowers - 100% cotton.
The best thing about saling this past Saturday was: I WAS ALONE! I haven't saled alone in quite some time.

My daughter has set her wedding date! June 20th...all the festivities are held at my house. I guess I looked bored one too many times.Perhaps I will never understand the concept of a pillow not being for one's head during rest.

I truly believe Austin has it all!

Have a Ben & Jerry's near you? They love us fatgirls! Check out the special for tomorrow the 24th! If you prefer Arby's, they also have a special or two.

I think I'm going to start a WHY? OH WHY? and start with these: How much time do you have on your hands?, Hello?, Interior Design, Juice Carton Coin Purse?, More your taste?, Didn't see it coming?, I'm not a kitty, I swear I'm a cookie jar.

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