Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's start off with the brush & rinse toothbrush...you know you want one.

Scratch and Sniff wallpaper ~ I can just imagine what my brothers would create. Ewww!

I love this guy's photography:
Lace tape and other cool tapes.

Amazon.com has the I Dream of Jeanie series featured in their gold box today. I would LOVE to have this and thought of a few others: Columbo and Bewitched. What fun to stay home "sick" and watch these all day!

Walmart.com has the top 50 books, 50% off today.

Are you able to envision the next shot for this photographer?

It's all fun and games and until someone puts an eye out.

Fond memories of these.

I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patty's Day, cheers!

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