Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks to coworker, Michael, I found this hilarious website! They even have a top 123 things post. You've got to check it out. Stuff White People like: bangs, Whole Foods, sushi, marijuana (hmm, is this a white thing Ricky Williams?), having two last names (as opposed to a jacked up first name?), art degress, and oh the list goes on! This is gut busting for me. I need to compose myself at work.

Speaking of beer/wine specials, Central Market has a great special going on. Drop by there if you have one near you. I'm heading there today. They also have $1/stem roses on Tuesdays and I love fresh flowers. I'll be treating myself regularly if the brain kicks in on Tuesdays and I actually remember to go over there. Lucky for me I can walk there from work. Lunch hour will never be the same. Flowers and beer ~ I can pretend it is the 70's and maybe lie on a picnic blanket. Perhaps once the monsoon stops.

Besides my addiction to Cops and Judge Judy, I'm also addicted to reading Passive Aggressive Notes. I don't know what a shrink would say about my interests but it seems I have a pattern going here. If Jerry Springer were real I would enjoy that I'm sure. Not a big dose but a now and again, hair-pulling episode just for fun.

Have you ever feared this happening to you?

Fatgirl is down 2.5 pounds! My goal was to lose 2 pounds a week but that hasn't happened. Today I switched my morning yogurt brand - yoplait is a whopping 170 calories and you can certainly taste every calorie! I switched to Dannon Light and Fit which is less yogurt and only 60 calories. I mix in quite a few spoonfuls of granola and voila! on your way to yum! Once the last grips of winter disappear from the area I plan on starting a swim program in addition to the eliptical machine. That should trim up the rest of the ol' bod and exercise the rest of my body besides my just legs and heart. I'm going to have Will show me how to use the rest of the equipment at the rec center so I can have choices. Still debating on a trainer ~ thinking that will be my "reward" if I get down to my (first) goal weight.

I plan on making this Tilapia recipe. They have tilapia on sale at HEB for $2.99/lb and I've been trying to up my fish intake. Yum!

Check out this beautiful shawl! The new knitty issue is up!

Until next time...

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