Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this not hilarious?
I remember my cousin, Ruthie, dressing up her kitty and pushing him around in a doll stroller. I wonder if cats have their own set of curse words!?!? has a $5 tee shirt sale going on....I'm just saying.

These look like sumpin' cuzzy can make and enjoy.

If you're reading this and don't know me then tomorrow just look for the girl lady female in Austin, Texas wearing this tee shirt:

Is there some sort of "Clean Out Your Closets In March" contest? A lot of the blogs I read talk about cleaning out their closet. Just wondering if this is the year that I should think about it. Imagine the projects I'd unearth if I tackled closets. No wonder I avoid that like the plague. Keep those projects buried, I have enough to do and what will my relatives have to pick through when I die if I clean those out?

I love this stairwell...reminds me of a comfy, '70 afghan.

Why, oh why!? Cuz I can laugh all I want.

Until next time...hook 'em!

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