Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is Beware of Rollercoasters Day

In 1999, romance model Fabio got hit in the face by a Canadian goose while riding a rollercoaster in a Williamsburg, Virginia, theme park. Fabio escaped with a bloody nose and three stitches. Sadly, the goose died.

What did I do all weekend? Besides laundry, iron, clean house...two projects!

I'd been wanting a new bag for work. Here it is ---- lighter colors than the black bag I carried all winter.
This is a rescue quilt that has seen better days. The flip side of the white had quite a bit of wear and has squares of blues. The white underside that still shoes has an ink spot (why?) and a small hole but otherwise in good condition. I used a king-size freecycle sheet and built it a new side that is much more appealing. I think it turned out wonderfully! If nothing else, it is a good blanket for stashing in your car. It is much happier knowing it has a second life.

She comes through again --- deal and rebates on Wii and DS games.

I love looking around at this Japanese shop for inspiration.

I cook see hubby croaking if I made this at the house.

Yummy and free!

Until next time...hook 'em!

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