Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today is Rain Day Festival

July 29th may be just another day to the rest of the world, but to the residents of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, it has a special significance. Waynesburg has had rainfall on that date 109 out of the past 131 years (as of 2005). Rain Day is the only holiday anywhere in the world that is not a success unless it rains!

"What it comes down to, for me, is that people want to do what will make them happy, but in order to understand that they really have to understand their world and what is going on around them."

-- Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

INTERESTING: Blue Gatorade and M&Ms

ANSWERS?: Amelia Earhart

CRAFTIES: Vintage bib tutorial, I just love this baby - if I get a pillow do you think they'll send me the baby?

FREEBIES: Gain Sample, lunch bag,

YUM: Rainier Cherry Clafoutis, Vanilla Simple Syrup - make your own latte!, If you like Chai,

TRAVEL: I so wanna go to Australia - this guy landed a great gig!

HEALTH: I'm so glad I gave up tanning beds for the real thing!

LOVE: I love this blogger and her writing style. You've just gotta go read!

EXERCISE: You know I'm gonna try them!

In the words of my dear Aunt Ruthie, "Why do they push me to be a $itch?" Back in May I wrote about buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Yes, it did a bang up job at first. The past two weekends it has given me issues. This past weekend I had to use the hose attachment to get all the clumps of dirt the beater bar left behind. So I pulled out my receipt and see that I have 180 days to return it and I can return it to the store. Today I headed to the store and not knowing what department I'd end up in I brought the receipt and left the vacuum in the car. I ended up in housewares and the girl behind the counter said it would be no problem to return but that she needed it in order to return it. She had me drive it to customer pick-up and said she'd let them know I was on my way. You already know that no one was there so I'll leave out that part. When I got back to her counter she is on the phone with the manager. You also know where this is heading. She gets off the phone and said the manager has to call her back with an okay to return. I said, "Before I went through all these motions I asked you if there was going to be a problem." She started crawfishing about it all and then just said, "I just had to get an okay." Silence. For an excruciating few minutes. No return call from the manager so she says, "I should've called her before telling you there would not be a problem." As nicely as I could I said, "There won't be an issue if she calls back with an okay but if she doesn't then we will have problems." Rrrrriiiiiinnnnnggg - and I hear, "But I told her there wouldn't be a problem and she said she'd have an issue if we don't accept it so would YOU like to talk to her?" When she hung up and said all is well I smiled and said, "I didn't think she'd want to talk to me." Mission accomplished. If they sell crap on their site then they can expect to get a pile of it in return.

Another story for you. I get these cramps that run across the back of my head and the base of my skull. They are very uncomfortable and when I rub them I can feel all the muscles and bones in my head because of the squeeze it does. I figured I'd google it and see if there are any answers or symptoms of a bigger problem. What pops up? Head Cramps at
Save on head cramps!
Wow, Amazon sells everything!

Hook 'em! I'm outta here - going to get the toes did and the hair chopped manaƱa. I'll be sooo bootiful for travel next week.

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