Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is the birthday of the Canadian Railroad

The first railroad in Canada opened between Laprairie and Saint John, Quebec, in 1836. The event triggered an extraordinary boom in every dimension of Canada's growth. Trains took
passengers and large quantities of merchandise all over the continent. Factories and industries sprang up in cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Canada was bustling!

"I went to the brink many times. A couple of times I thought 'I'm gone. This is it.' But then you would just keep working. I think if you're close to the brink and just make sure that you work twice as hard and put twice as much effort into everything and the people around you and everything, you should come through."

-- Gerry Harvey

Did you know vinegar can do all this?

I wanna go to the Waffle Window!

Beautiful food photography!

Short/sweet but fun stuff. Hook 'em!

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