Friday, September 18, 2009

Today is Iron Horse Day

In 1830, the first race between a horse and Tom Thumb, the first locomotive built in the U.S., took place. Because of mechanical problems, Tom Thumb lost the nine-mile race between Riley's Tavern and Baltimore, Maryland.

"Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart."
-- Mort Walker

I love the marshmallow test! Laundry room cat gym ~ seen it! NO DIAPERS?

FREEBIES: Allure Organics Skincare - I did not answer the questions at the bottom and it went through fine.

YUMMY: Check out these burger cupcakes! Fresh fruit cake ~ oh my!

CRAFTIES: Vintage Swap -- I think this will be great for cuzzy Ruthie and I since we can't leave doilies at the thrift store cuz they look sad.

Enjoy your weekend....hook 'em!

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