Thursday, September 17, 2009

On September 17, 1995,

The Bridges of Madison County, the romantic novel by Robert James Waller, ended its
three-year-plus run at the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List. It was #1 for 162 weeks total.

"How often I have found that we grow to maturity not by doing what we like, but by doing what we should. How true it is that not every 'should' is a compulsion, and not every 'like' is a
high morality and true freedom."

-- Karl Rahner
Engrish makes me laugh...."Nothing's free - pay, payer!"

FREEBIES: Hill's Science Diet dog treat,

YUMMY: I do not like applesauce, cake, etc. but not apples. Like English there is an exception to every rule. This exception is back in the stores. I highly encourage you to try one or a hundred. I live for this time of the year! Whoopie pies, chocolate malt cheesecake bars, vanilla strawberry cream cakes,

Cute site. Beautiful, underwater photography. I should apply for this gig - I love household design! I wanted to get an MA in interior design but it isn't offered at UT.

Met up with a friend from childhood - sad to see how bitter some people become, even over their siblings. I was tempted to get on the soapbox but they never see the light so why waste my energy? If nothing else, I wish her peace.

Patrick, I had the time of my life. Let's dance when we meet in heaven!

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